About Us

Senz Oncology is a biotechnology company with an oncology focus.

Our business model is to develop or co-develop products that make sense; products that are directed at well-validated targets, sourced from high quality teams, have good evidence for biological activity and are ‘clinic-ready’ or close to ‘clinic ready’.

Our mission is to provide new treatment options for cancer patients through time and cost-effective drug development. We accomplish this by identifying, accessing and developing ‘underappreciated’ drug candidates that have the potential to become best-in-class or first-in class treatments and move them rapidly through clinical trials.

Our vision is to create a pipeline of medicines to provide new treatment options for cancer patients. VAL-1000 is our lead product, being developed to treat patients with leukaemias and other blood cancers. The first indication under clinical investigation is Acute Myeloid Leukaemia